Zub's Comic Release Party

This one is featuring photos from late 2006. Jim Zubkavich (or Layout, Animation History and Character Animation teacher) had a release party for the Graphic Novel version of his online comic 'The Makeshift Miracle'. So a bunch of us headed downtown for boozing, drawing, talking comics and eating somebody's left over Macaroni and Cheese. Don't know who's it was... but it was delicious!

Needless to say Zub (and a number of us students) got pretty hammed, so Kareoke was (naturally) right around the bend.


Jackson's page

Not sure how he did it, but something in Jackson's clause says he gets a post dedicated all to him. Purple faced bastard.

Shots from Kareoke

S'more shots from last night, at the incredibly low ceilinged Kareoke place

ANI House transforms...

Hey Gang,
Now I know that the original point of this site was to post the goings on from the Peterborough Crew working at Super Popular Studios... but as those days have passed and the Animators are still out causing trouble i figured this ol' Blog still had some use in it... and so I present...


The Seneca Crew headed downtown December 19th for a day of sketching. The turnout for the event, spear headed by Jim Graves, was incredible- someone counted 45 of us at one point. First years, Second Years, Maya and Gaming kids and even some January intakes turned up at Union Station and then moved through the city hitting some food courts, the Eaton's centre, Mr GreenJeans, the Friar and Firkin (only to be turned away) and then up to Bloor for pubing and a night finished with Glorious Kareoke.

Take a gander at the photos. And stay tuned for story updates from that night, and others to come!


Summer Events Wrap Up!

This has been for sure, one of the best summers of our lives up here in ANI House. Peterborough has treated us very well and in an effort to put a close on things here is a brief catalog (in no particular order) of all the stunts we pulled, events we attended, things we saw, said and did during our time at ANI House, Summer 2006...

-Drunken swimming in the poluted Peterborough River on our first night
-Worked on "Peterborough Time" Cartoon with Barney at Super Popular Studio's
-Bryan's fight with a drunken Cowboy with a Mustache at the Trash, then talking his way out of it when the Cowboy's friends waited for him outside the bar
-Derek's fight with drunks on the street while driving home from the Festival of Lights and the drunks running after us down the street while we drove away "What have you got"- "I've got a Car..." then peeling away
-Derek Tackling Barney at the Ranch, while quite drunk
-Steph slaming Aaron's crotch with the car door
-Partying at the Ranch till sunrise, Andy almost burning Bryan, Derek and Karin to the ground in the process
-Mitch spitting and spraying whatever he was drinking onto Bryan on many occasions
-Bike Trip to the Zoo, and ending up on the wrong side of the river resulting in us going 'the long way'
-Our own backyard Pool and after work Pool Parties
-Bryan attempts to be pool life guard and steps clean through the backyard table
-Derek Busted by cops on first night for climbing the huge rocking chair
-Our crack whore, drug dealing, boarding house neighbors- or 'The Others' as we refered to them
-Stealing a recycling box from the downtown and dumping it onto the sidewalk while we ran away
-Our own 'day long kitten' Henry Gail- a kitten belonging to 'The Others' who we took in for a night
-Sam's nicknames for us... and them never sticking
-Sam's morning greeting "Hey Dudes"
-Our Tree getting struck by lightning and falling into the street
-Bryan and Aaron getting blown up by our BBQ
-Bryan getting his arm blown open by a poorly aimed Bottle Rocket, another Bottle Rocket nearly taking Steph's head off
-Derek's standing vigal during the hide and seek game at the Ranch
-Late Night fights between members of the 'The Others' in our streets
-Bryan's Sewer Adventure
-Lay's Chip Factory Dumpster Diving for free chips
-Using skids as firewood... some free some stolen
-Caricaturing at the Festival of Lights Wednesdays and Saturdays
-Derek's sunburn from Barrie Caricaturing
-Summer Snowball ambush/ Snowball Fight outside the studio
-Silly Hat Day
-Silly Costume Day
-the word 'Fancy'
-Going to the Pig's Ear for Trivia, winning and then not getting the team prize money
-City Lights Late Night Poutine
-Chumlies used Video Store
-Piling into 'Ellen' Barney's falling apart Lesbian Van
-Caricaturing at Mrs Wornoff's elementary school
-Teaching kids at the Studio- the twins, the Mario kid and Conner (I'm Milking!)
-Lesbian Artifacts found at the house
-The Colin Hay song war
-Aaron's story of putting Joel in the Storage Closet "Heeeeelp. Heeeeeelp. I can't breathe you guys... Heeeeelp."
-The Summer Quote List (see Quote List Post)
-the Summer of watching Scrubs and House
-watching Lost Season 2 at Lunch and the overly intense Lost Season Finale that we couldn't wait for Aaron for
-Mexican Dinner and free movie pass nights
-Morty and Flip Flop, nuff said
-Sneaking Barney into 'Cars' at the Theatre
-Going to see the Shrimps at the Trash Friday Nights, Barney giving the Animators a shout out and us freaking out
-Steph's Shopping Cart Rides
-Watching Wet Hot American Summer "And Neil, next time we go camping, YOU drive the van! Aaaahahahaha... aaaaaahahahahah.... aaaahahahahaa.... AAAAHAHAHAHAHA"
-Aaron's 'Superman' Song "superman... it was SUPerman... SUPerman..."
-"Pink Lemonade" and Aaron's love of it.
-Quoting the Blue Raja
-Steph seeing Dan's Penis on Andy's Cheek... on Barney's Camera
-Aaron's Fiddle
-Going Garage Sailing on Saturdays
-Mitch putting Salt in his coffee instead of sugar
-Hide the Saltine (and 'hide the sandwich')
-Getting 'Graveled'
-Mitch putting sour milk BACK in the fridge for Bryan to pour in his coffee
-Tetris/Dr. Mario competitions
-Bryan freaking out at people 'Back Seat Gaming' (Karin getting the worst of it)
-Back yard fires
-Steph falling out of her lawn chair at the Ranch, smashing into Aaron
-Stealing 30 some odd slices of pizza from Pizza Hut
-The Hungry Woodsman eating 4 racks of ribs at East Side Mario's
-Anything Connor ever said
-Derek getting a 1G memory stick for the price of a 500mb
-Bryan's Onesies
-Sneaking onto the rooftops of downtown Peterborough for some aerial photography
-Putting a 'Crappy' sign on the doors of Sin City and getting busted for it
-Chris and Benj jokes
-August 2nd, 2006: The day when we'd officially gotten to close and jokes about circle jerks and bukkake were accepted among the group like they were no big deal.
-Our ENTIRE last night adventure- Police busting The Others, Drinks by the Fire, Piling into Barney's Van to go to his place, Drinking Raspberry Beer there, Playing in the play ground, Derek Falls out of Tree, Walk through Spiderweb Bridge, 200am Walk down into valley for a 'short cut' and getting very lost and very wet, climbing the cliff in the dark, Barney and Em fight (thankfully resolved), pictures on the bridge, climbing the buildings again and everyone making it to the top of the city, walking home at 430am laughing the whole way and at work for 9am.

That's all i can think of at the moment. But like it's been said- it was one hell of a summer!

-Derek pulling a brick wall apart with his bare hands
-'Scrubs' and 'House' athons
-The dream of 'Ham Sandwiches' taking a bite of ham, then cheese, then bread and pass it on.
-"Legend, oh Legend, the One Pedal Legend"
-Derek making Wornoff look like a fool in a blood donation race
-The Day Mitch, Bryan and Almost Derek getting in bike accidents all in one trip.


You Blew it #6 and #7

Things being as busy for the Animators as they have been updating the blog has been difficult at best! That hasn't, however, slowed them down from 'Blowing It' each week.
The You Blew It award #6 goes to one Bryan Murdoch... It was a hot summer day when this blow it took place. Bryan and te rest of the crew made a decision to finally fill up there small pool, not a kiddy pool but not a real size pool, its about...well thats besides the point. So after sitting in the pool until it filled up Bryan decided to get out and dry off, he then preceeded to try and be a lifeguard. So he went over to the coner of our backyard and tested a very sturdy card table by putting presure on it with his hands. He then found a chair. His next mistake was then placing the chair on top on the table. Then utter the words and I quote " I hope this holds my weight" Bryan then placed his foot on top of the table and and then tried to climb onto of the chair, well remeber that table? It gave way and bryans leg went right thourgh the table.
Congrats Bryan you are the 6th recipient of the You Blew Award bring your total to 3.

The 7th You Blew It award went to our Quarter Asian Aaron. After his bedroom telephone stopped working he decided to use his extensive training in phone repair (or at least that was training that he implied he had) to open up the phone jack and 'tinker' around inside.
Long story short this tinkering took out every phone in the house except for Derek's.
A week later the strangely skeletal (and very enthusiastic about phone repair) phone repair man came by and repaired all the damage. He racked it up to 'Tinkering'.
Congrats Aaron on yet another win!


Summer Low Point

Just a heads up to those out there checking on our lives. Tonight Derek, Bryan and our boss Barney took a moment out of our busy lives to take advantage of a free Peterborough dinner for the homeless. A meal intended for the poor and mentally disabled of entirely vegan food. The best part was that they moved to the front of the line quickly and took what could only be described as 'more than their share'.

Then it was off to crash a City Council Meeting and then to the Pig's Ear for Beer.

"Oh What a Night"

We also found a battle axe.



You Blew It #5

It was on a balmy Monday evening that Bryan asked Aaron to assist him in lighting the BBQ. He had just turned on the propane valve and was moving up to turning on the valve for the actual burner and needed some assistance in putting the lit flame into lighting position.

What neither gent happened to notice was the hissing sound of the propane escaping from the burner (the same one assumed to be turned off).

The resulting Fireball that engulfed them both was estimated at about 4 feet high. With some strange luck neither lost their eyebrows... though they did loose the hair all-over their hands.

This marks the first time that the You Blew It award has been won by two individuals for the same Blow It moment! Congrats to Aaron and Bryan for trailblazing their way into some burnt hands.



Due to the graphic nature of the conent of this link, the users here at ANI House have had the link removed to protect the repuations of the dancers involved. We apologize for any inconvienience.

You Blew It #4

It's that time again friends. After a brief vacation (away from each other) over the Canada Day Weekend where, so help us, none of us 'Blew It' large enough to even recognize on this site, we come back with our 4th winner.

Derek, during Animation House Party #1, was enjoying a serious Rock Out session in his room with Bryan, Steph and Frankie. They had decided to take a break from the All Request Saturday Night on The Wolf 101.5fm (who had played 'Any Way You Want It' by Journey by our request earlier!) to take in some choice musical selections. "Baba O'Reily" by The Who ('Teenage Wasteland' to you non-music snobs) began to play and Derek jumped up onto his bed- with the intention of rocking harder than the rest... and that's when it happened.

Derek Rocked SO HARD he smashed two of the support beams out of the bottom of his bed to a loud crashing sound. This only phased him for a moment, and then he returned to showing the rest of the party what 'Rocking out looked like'.

You take your title back this week Derek- and showed the rest of the world what dancing to "Baba O'Reilly" should look and feel like.